Directions for sharing a file
In window -
In upper left corner, click “Create new”
Select type of file you want
At top, note the box that says “untitled”
Click on it, a yellow bar will appear, right hand click on it and a drop down menu will appear, click on “temporarily allow scripted window”
Click in the “Untitled” box again and a separate window appears – type the title of your document there.
Click Save.
Click share in the right hand corner, in drop down menu select “Invite others”
In the Share with Other window, type in the e-mail addresses of the people in your group.

Two ways to send this document-
1. Click send – this process sends an invitation to the document in the persons e-mail (note invitation has been sent on right hand side)
Click save and close. The people the document was sent to need to open their e-mail to access the document.
2. Add without sending invitation. (Blue link to right of Send button )When you click this link, you are sending the document directly to the other person without the e-mail invitation. An extra window appears telling you that the person will need to go directly to to view the file. P.S this only works if the person already has a account created.
Click save and close.